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The Mystery of the Fellowship

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

By: Molly Robinson CWF '18

I was cleaning out my desk yesterday, and I came across our morning and night prayer card. Seeing it was the strangest sensation, I think because as the days pass, the Fellowship seems more and more like a dream. Was it really six weeks ago that we were all together? As I sift through our pictures in the shared album, I am still not convinced.

When the first “What did you do this summer?” rolled in, I babbled like a complete fool. How can I communicate how much the Fellowship really meant? I think part of the problem is the experience doesn’t sound real to begin with. How does one casually explain she spent a month living in a German castle? That I lived about a block from the coliseum after that? I tend to stick to “I studied abroad with a Catholic leadership program. It was really great and you should do it. Google search Catholic Worldview Fellowship”. There are just no words for how this Fellowship has deeply affected who I am as a person and how I see the world around me, so I think that explanation will suffice for now.

It’s funny to think about when I was on the receiving end of attempts to explain the Fellowship. I sat with Caroline for an hour in a Dunkin' Donuts parking lot as she threw around words like “Schloss” and “Worldview”, realizing that our conversation was just as much for her as for me. I also remember when she introduced me to Jono and another former fellow and seeing a completely different kind of friendship between them, a friendship that I would only understand after having experienced the fellowship myself.

Did Jono and Jack and Jackie really did sing that well? Can Tommy really turn any conversation into a philosophical discourse? Did the P’s scientifically and continually confirm our stereotypes by flipping canoes and nonchalantly getting lost? Was Rome really overrun by thousands of Fedora-wearing altar-boys? I may never be convinced it was real, but I am so grateful to everyone who made the Fellowship the dream that it was.

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