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Gabriel Wendt LC
Sep 05, 2018
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Dear CWF Family, I am starting to do a little planning for next May. Some of you have expressed the intention to accompany me in Rome on that most important day of my life. While I certainly cannot expect anybody to make such a long trip, I do want to emphasize how happy and humbled I would be about each and every CWF family member among the guests. So please do all feel cordially invited! Other than the actual ordination ceremony on Saturday May 4, 10am, at St. John Lateran, I can promise VIP seats at my first Mass on Sunday morning (close by the vatican or on the Aventine Hill) and a CWF table at the Family and Friends Dinner on Saturday on a terrace overlooking the Roman Forums. Now, if there is a good group of CWF folks, it would be great to organize something else for the days after the event. I was thinking of saying Mass in English on Wednesday 8 at San Clemente or in Dominic's Cell or so. Of course, that depends on your availability. This is why I would like to open the discussion in order to get a feel of how many of you will actually be willing and able to attend. Could you indicate in the comment section if you (at least tentatively) plan to go? Maybe you also want to bring up additional ideas for the days after the event, such as visiting Assisi or Montecassino, or spending a few days at the Schloss. As always, think big :)
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Gabriel Wendt LC

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