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Palm Sunday: April 5th, 2020


It was on Palm Sunday that Jesus entered Jerusalem, knowing well that his passion was fast approaching. The crowds welcomed him by waving palm branches and shouting, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” They shouted greetings of exaltation and praise, days before shouting for his crucifixion. They lined the streets to celebrate his coming, days before assuming the same formation to jeer and mock him on his way to Calvary. The sun shone, the people rejoiced, and Jesus humbly entered into the most difficult days of his life. Today we enter the city; we enter the solemn celebration of Holy Week. And though we are confined to our homes by this global crisis, we hope to adopt the same spirit of humility as our Lord. We are here, in this confusing season of life, to do his work. We are here to listen to and love his people. We are here to rejoice in his promise, but also embrace the sorrow of the coming days. We are here to hold onto hope, because he has called us to this hour of complex emotion, and we have answered the call with willing hearts. Today we are grateful for his coming, and walk confidently by his side towards the beautiful sacrifice that lays before us.

Jesus, each day I ask that you be near me. Help me to be humble before you, following your lead and letting my heart break open with yours. Pierce through the silences of my days. Pull me from my fears and longings into your embrace. The future seems so unclear. I worry for the health and safety of family and friends, I feel guilty for my disappointments knowing others suffer more than I, and yet your gaze affirms that the aches of my heart matter deeply to you. Help me to stay close to you, and bear what I can to lighten your burden. Blessed are you who come.

- Anonymous

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