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They got One Thing Right

Hearing this song for the first time, I had to question... Who is Kane Brown talking about?

My first thought was God, but knowing how most commercial music goes, I doubted it really could be. As I listened on, he goes on to list all the [blessings] he received that he didn't deserve, and state all the faults of his past.

He was acutely aware of the fact that he did not deserve the place that he was now on but all at the same time diving deeper into expressing where he is now to the audience.

Reading about the song, I found out that it is about his wife.


You saw right through my pain Kept us patient while I change Never even crossed your mind to walk away (to walk away)


As I read and hear these lyrics I can't help but think and believe these lyrics are intrinsically Christian. These words could easily be said to Jesus, and bear full witness to the truth and healing that He gives us. If we get one thing right, let it be love.

The beauty in what these lyrics convey embodies the call to the vocation of marriage, which is to heal and be healed, impart our blessings, and raise our minds and souls to God. By being Christ for a spouse, we are courageously living out the message of the Gospel in relation to our particular vocation. While the song is obviously, or not so obviously, not intended to be for a Christian market, it shows how close people actually are to experiencing the tangible love of Jesus Christ. If people are already experiencing this in their relationships, then they already have the love of Christ. They just might not know his name yet. Thank you, Marshmello and Kane Brown for gracing us with your beautiful tunes.

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