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Gabriel Wendt LC
Nov 26, 2018
Here is my elevator pitch from SLS 2017. For what it's worth :) "The CWF is a month-long study abroad program in Europe For talented college students With the desire to evangelize culture." [start by giving the person you are talking to an idea of what the essentials] "The multifaceted elements of the program -- academic, Leasership, cultural, spiritual -- are meant to provide a life-changing experience: During our stay in a castle in Germany we receive an fully accredited academic course, we travel to Rome and other European cities to study culture on sight, we receive leadership seminars from professional consultants, and we combina all that with an experience of Catholic spirituality." [Move on to specify the formation character, so that people don't think this is backpacking, nor believe that it is a boring classroom experience. If people show interest, elaborate on the four areas a bit more. Make sure to use the mind-catchers: Castle, credits, professional leadership coaching, Rome] "In a nutshell, this is an experience of the Catholic worldview. That means, to allow the catholic faith to fill your heart entirely for a few weeks and to try out how it feels to look at your life and live your life like that." [Speak about the the unique fruit of such a program: the EXPERIENCE. If you can use your own experience, even better] "With God in your heart and the Church's wisdom in your mind your relationships change: friendships, family, professional life, social engagements... This empowers something new in you, something which we could call 'Catholic Leadership'" [Point out the Catholic character. Although the approach is "worldview" and thus open-minded and intellectual, the effect is very spiritual and Catholic. One could call it a "new way of approaching our faith" or so] "People who have participated claim that, henceforth, you look at reality from a new standpoint, from the standpoint of faith. For the rest of your life." [Finish by pointing out that this is an opportunity which you shouldn't miss.]

Gabriel Wendt LC

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